chrysalis  [kris-uh-lis]:  pupa of a moth or butterfly enclosed in
a protective cocoon from which the adult eventually emerges.
A Ministry Of Atascocita Lutheran Church
I am so happy with The Chrysalis School.  The small class size and personal
attention are so important at this early stage and really help to foster the
love of school and education.  The faculty and staff are wonderful and
hands-on; it is obvious they all really enjoy working with children.  My son has
had a great experience this year; he has learned important fundamentals to
prepare him for a classroom environment and has improved his social skills.  
I am impressed with the school's responsiveness in any situation, whether it
be a minor question about the school calendar or a problem my son was facing
at school.  Really, I just can't say enough wonderful things about The
Chrysalis School: we love it so much our daughter will be attending next

- Lindsey, mother of four-year-old student